Lord of the Stars

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'''Lord of the Stars''' is a side-scrolling game where you have to slaughter your enemies to proceed. You are in a mountain. Be careful of the boulders, plants and animals there.


*Use the '''arrow keys''' to walk.
*Jump using either the '''up arrow key''', '''Z''', or '''S''' keys.
*Attack using the '''SPACE''', '''x''', or '''d''' keys.
*Attack while standing and your character will use their ranged attack.
*Attack while pressing to the '''left''', '''right''', or '''down''' for a close ranged melee attack.
*Attack while jumping to have your character attack their enemies from above.
*Press '''Enter''' to drink potions when your health is low. Portions must be found.
*Be careful of the elements. Sometimes even the littlest things can be dangerious!
*Collecting stars will fill your '''Experience Bar'''. When your Experience Bar is full, you will be able to upgrade using the '''Character Menu (I)'''
*Collecting other items have various effects, such as giving you extra lives, extra potions, and magical powers such as temporary invincibility.